A History of Life-changing Ministry at Findley

Findley Camp and Retreat Center started in 1936 when the Evangelical United Brethren Church bought 160 acre farm on Findley Lake in the town of Mina, NY. They purchased the property as a place to hold their annual conference gathering for the old Erie Conference that covered a large part of western Pennsylvania and western New York. The conference would run for 2 weeks each summer and featured training for pastors and their families and other church leaders, including youth. The youth program was important from the start and only grew. In 1953 the Senior High Youth program became large enough that it had to meet separately from the Annual Conference Meeting and began meeting during their own week.

Camping Takes Off

The camp leadership began expanding the season at Findley to accommodate more youth programs for younger children in the early 40’s. The first Junior-Hi camp program was started in 1945 with 145 campers attending. Then in 1950 camp for elementary aged children was started. The first session had 126 campers who attended. From there summer camps for all ages and different kinds of programs took off.

The original farm house was added on to and it became the main guest quarters and the administrative building and the barn was converted into worship space by adding two large side wings. There was a dance hall on the property when it was purchased and until the 1953, when the current dining hall was built, it served as the dining hall. Findley also has two building that were churches that have been moved from other towns to the Findley site. The first was Goodwill Lodge. It was the former Goodwill Church from Grand Valley, NY. It came to Findley in 1944 and was remodeled in to a dormitory building. The second was Carsonville Chapel which came from Pleasantville, PA. Carsonville has recently been completely renovated and is used as worship space for both summer camp and retreat groups.

Vision & Purpose

While programs have changed and buildings have been built, remodeled, or torn-down to meet the changing needs of our guests, the purpose of the grounds of Findley has remained the same. From the start it has been a priority of Findley to make sure all our programming is Christ-centered and we have endeavored to avoid the narrowness which so often makes Christianity unattractive and which lacks the winsomeness of the Spirit of Christ.

Findley Historic Photos