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  • Lives Transformed

“Come away...and rest a while.”
 —Mark 6:31

A retreat should be just that — a time for groups or individuals to withdraw from the hectic hustle-bustle of everyday life. Through rest, relaxation, and study, a retreat prepares groups and individuals to reenter the world with renewed energy and ideas. Jesus Christ was fond of retreating to quiet, wilderness places and invited his disciples to do the same.

That same invitation still stands.

Retreat at Findley

Findley’s panoramic view of the lake makes it an ideal location for a retreat. Our comfortable facilities are able to accommodate up to 150 overnight guests and over 200 day guests. Acres of forest, fields, and water are yours to explore while at camp or on a retreat. Findley is a mere 30-minute drive from Erie PA and Jamestown NY, which means that we are far enough away, yet closer than you think!

If you have been on a retreat, you may already understand the impact a retreat can have on the dynamics of a group. Retreats at Findley provide the perfect opportunity for groups to fellowship and bond, to plan, to learn, and to share together in an environment free of normal distractions.

When it comes time for your religious, educational, family, service, or non-profit organization to retreat, all of us at Findley hope you will find your way here.


From late-June to mid-August, Findley is transformed into a summer camp for children, youth, and families.

Guests may reserve facilities the remainder of the year.

Please contact us to see how we can best accommodate you.

A Beautiful Environment

Findley is a beautiful place to to retreat to.
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“My favorite part of the weekend was spending time with my children away from my ‘rat race’.”

— Retreat Guest

“I love it here. I always feel as though the staff bends over backwards to provide whatever we ask.”

— Retreat Guest

What Do We Offer?

  • Recreational Opportunities
  • Audiovisual Equipment
  • Meeting Support
  • Retreat Planning

Inquire with us about these recreational activities, or read about them in detail here.